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Do you know whether your employees are satisfied, and how satisfied they actually are – at any time? With ECHONOVUM EMPLOYEE INSIGHTS, we provide you with a solution that enables you to gain real-time insights into central aspects of your employee relationships.

In your dashboard, you can see how things evolve over the entire employee cycle, from employee recruitment, onboarding to leaving. Use the insights to continuously develop your employee relationship.

Be more laid-back in facing the HR challenges of today and tomorrow.

Measure the Employee Experience with 5 KPIs and 29 questions

Manage the Employee Experience in your company with 5 KPIs and 29 questions that continuously accompany your employees.
The KPIs provide information about the most important aspects of the mutual relationship and identify areas with potential need for development.

Employee Engagement Score: How engaged do employees behave in their jobs, towards the team and the organization?

Employee Well-Being Score: How satisfied and balanced do employees feel?

Employee Retention Score: How willing are your employees to recommend you and to stay with the organization?

Leadership & Culture Score: How satisfied are your employees with their relationship with their supervisor, information, communication, and management?

Learning & Development Score: How satisfied are your employees with the development opportunities within the organization (career development, continuing education)?

Few, but concise questions form the 5 KPIs. Your employees receive a short survey with 7 to 8 questions at regular intervals. The 29 questions will be answered by all employees within a certain period of time.

Preview image for download of Factsheet **The 29-5 Principle**

Factsheet The 29-5 Principle

Manage the Employee Experience in your company with 5 KPIs and 29 questions strategically.



Employee Insights Dashboard

Want to develop talented employees and keep them at your company? Use the Insights Dashboard as a daily management tool so you can see your relevant employee indicators at a glance. Make immediate improvements where necessary or specifically develop employee-related potentials. You will be aware of the atmosphere and attitudes among your company at all times and will be able to respond to this.

Employee Pathway Dashboard

Want to know how your employees are doing over the entire employee cycle? The Employee Pathway Dashboard gives you a quick insight into the atmosphere at your company and your employees’ attitudes at central touchpoints and across the entire employee cycle. Learn from these interactions and improve them continuously and dynamically.

Employee Pathway Model

Create your employee cycle quickly and easily, including the right questions. The Employee Pathway marks relevant moments in the employee cycle, known as “moments of truth”, from employee recruitment, onboarding to leaving. Questions that are specifically tailored to these moments will provide you with insights along the entire employee cycle.


Get the insights you need with context-appropriate and profile-related questions. Our intelligent survey process takes into account the context and the participant’s interaction with your company (transactional feedback). An employee only receives a questionnaire when they have experienced a “moment of truth”. Additional profile information helps to segment the surveys even further.

Smart Surveys

Make the most of machine learning! Our intelligent software learns from participants’ preferences and behavior. A/B tests are used, while abort and response rates, response and reaction times, etc. are analyzed. Based on this data, each participant’s questionnaire is automatically optimized.


  • Individual leader dashboards
  • High-quality and relevant insights for developing employee relationships
  • Predictive analytics with machine learning
  • Real-time data analysis for immediate insights
  • Tried-and-tested Employee Pathway Model and Measurement Model that can be flexibly adapted to a range of industries
  • High response rates as the surveys are contextual and distributed based on profiles
  • Visually attractive and responsive survey design
  • Intuitive handling of the entire platform environment for creating surveys and statistics
  • Quickly share insights and surveys
  • Extremely easy to integrate thanks to open API
  • GDPR-compliant data collection and management

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