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echonovum launches first insights platform in Switzerland

The software company echonovum launches an intelligent insights platform for managers in order to simplify data-driven decisions.

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With customers to success

Zurich, 13 June 2019. The young Zurich company echonovum is upping the tempo. It is the first Swiss software company to launch an intelligent insights platform for managers in order to simplify data-driven decisions and help organizations develop sustainably.

As a startup, it takes perseverance, an expert team and a product that suits the market to achieve success. And that’s exactly what echonovum AG co-founders Robert Massarelli and Michael Elmer have done. Through close collaboration with their customers, they developed a powerful insights platform for managers. Today, they are supported by partners and investors who have also identified a market demand for software that assists in data-driven decision-making.

“Today’s managers want access to up-to-date, relevant data – particularly from customers and employees – when making decisions. This is the only way to develop competitive offers and services perfectly tailored to the needs of stakeholders,” emphasizes Robert Massarelli, CEO of echonovum.

The insights platform’s power lies in the analysis and visualization of management-relevant data via dashboards. The software also continuously collects feedback at relevant contact points along the employee and customer journey. This gives managers the foundation they need for agile action in an increasingly fast-paced world. But that’s not all: the young company is going one step further, using machine learning for text analysis and focusing on artificial intelligence as it continues to develop.

“Intensive collaboration with our customers allows us to develop intelligent software tailored to the needs of managers. This includes, for example, an intuitive platform, high survey response rates and valuable evaluations for managers,” explains Michael Elmer, CMO of echonovum.

Together with their clients, the co-founders have transformed their vision – enabling managers to make better decisions – into a mature and innovative insights platform. The startup has matured into a young company.


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