The Intelligent Employee and Customer Experience Platform

Make faster decisions based on qualitative feedback from your customers and employees.

Automated, target group-oriented and intelligent.

Here's how it works

Managing with Real-Time Key Figures!

Customer und Employee Experience

Event-Triggered Surveys

A person receives a survey when a certain event occured. Additional profile information helps you segment surveys. Contextual survey distribution increases willingness to participate and ensures good response rates.

  • At the right touchpoint

    Feedback is collected automatically at the relevant touchpoints.

  • At the right time

    The customer or employee survey is triggered right after an experience or a specific event. ECHONOVUM knows your customers’ and employees’ preferences.

  • Short and to the point

    At ECHONOVUM, there are only short surveys that refer precisely to the specific events.

Measure Employee Experience (EX)

Precise questions and analysis provide you quick insight into where you should improve employee experience.

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  • No 100 questions

    No more lengthy questionnaires – your employees need only a few minutes to give you feedback.

  • Holistic rather than one-shot view

    Brief feedback of 5–7 questions at a time regarding specific KPIs gives you an overview of your current situation.

  • Higher response rate

    The precisely targeted, regular surveys are simple, fun, and available across devices. Readiness to provide feedback increases and the response rate jumps.

  • Lower costs

    State-of-the-art technology helps ensure efficient employee surveys while saving external and internal costs.

Measure Customer Experience (CX)

Managen Sie die die Customer Experience und optimieren Sie die Kundenzufriedenheit und -erlebnisse rund um Ihre Produkte und Services.

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  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Are your customers likely to recommend your company, product or service to others? With ECHONOVUM, the NPS is integrated as a standard feature.

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

    How satisfied are your customers after interactions with your company or products? The CSAT score will show you at any time.

  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

    Do you offer the greatest possible convenience and simplicity in terms of handling your product? The CES provides you with the relevant insights.

Systematic Surveys and Analyses


More than just a feedback solution.

Real-Time Insights into Customer and Employee Relationships

ECHONOVUM analyzes surveys in real time and visualizes them the way you always wanted.

  • Personal dashboard

    You always know whether you are on track, thanks to the KPIs and detailed views that help you out.

  • Trend detection

    Quickly identify trends or changes.

  • Drilldown

    Investigate potential from the top down.

  • Multi-filtering

    No matter what filter you want – you have it.

  • Cross-channel

    Reach your customers and employees through your existing channels, on- or offline.

  • Fully automated

    The system does the hard work for you.

  • Intelligent

    ECHONOVUM knows who and what you should ask.

We are inspired and impressed by ECHONOVUM because of the ongoing insights we gain from daily employee feedback. It helps us quickly respond to changing needs or make far-reaching decisions.

Franziska Bodmer
Director, Head of Human Resources, Edelweiss Air AG


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