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ECHONOVUM helps you get a holistic view of your employees based on differentiated analyses. Leverage real-time insights into employee satisfaction to make forward-looking HR decisions.


Measure your Employee Experience

The systematic approach is decisive

Employee Satisfaction: the 29/5 Principle

No more lengthy and boring employee surveys: just a few questions on the 5 dimensions of employee satisfaction provide you quick insight into the need for action and the potential.

  • No 100 questions

    No more lengthy questionnaires – your employees need only a few minutes to give you feedback.

  • Holistic rather than one-shot view

    Brief feedback of 5–7 questions at a time regarding specific KPIs gives you an overview of your current situation.

  • Higher response rate

    The precisely targeted, regular surveys are simple, fun, and available across devices. Readiness to provide feedback increases and the response rate jumps.

  • Lower costs

    State-of-the-art technology helps ensure efficient employee surveys while saving external and internal costs.

Pulse Surveys or Event-Driven Surveys

Ask your employees about a specific event such as recruiting experiences, training, or supervisor interviews. Or send out a survey when making corporate changes to take the pulse of your employees.

  • Quickly created surveys, automated dispatch

    ECHONOVUM helps you quickly and intuitively create new surveys as well as send them via your usual communication channels.

  • A separate link for each employee

    An employee-specific link enables personalized or anonymized surveys tailored to suit the current situation in the employee cycle.

  • Quality measurement of further training

    You value HR development. Leverage automated surveys to measure the quality of further training.

systematical surveys and analyses


More than a feedback solution.

Employee Experience Insights

ECHONOVUM analyzes surveys in real time and visualizes them the way you always wanted.

  • Personal dashboard

    You always know whether you are on track, thanks to the KPIs and detailed views that help you out.

  • Trend detection

    Quickly identify trends or changes.

  • Drilldown

    Investigate potential from the top down.

  • Multi-Filtering

    No matter what filter you want – you have it.

  • Cross-Channel

    Reach your customers and employees through your existing channels, on- or offline.

  • Fully automated

    The system does the hard work for you.

  • Intelligent

    ECHONOVUM knows who you should ask and what you should ask them.

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We are inspired and impressed by ECHONOVUM because of the ongoing insights we gain from daily employee feedback. It helps us quickly respond to changing needs or make far-reaching decisions.

Franziska Bodmer
Director, Head of Human Resources, Edelweiss Air AG

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Use Cases

Get Employee Experience Insights

Improve Application and Onboarding Processes

Applicants provide ongoing real-time feedback during the recruitment process. You identify the process steps where your company has room for improvement.

Further Training

Close-meshed feedback loops and optimization measures put you in a position to tailor your internal or even external training courses to meet employee and company needs.

Based on over 10 years of experience in experience management, I believe that excellent employee experience management is what distinguishes good managers from outstanding managers.

Robert Massarelli
CEO, echonovum