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How are employees doing in the Corona situation?

The Zurich-based start-up echonovum supports companies free of charge with relevant employee surveys.

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Echonovum offers companies its help

Zurich, 25 March 2020: Due to the extraordinary Corona situation in Switzerland, managing employees in a manner appropriate to their imminent needs is a major challenge for companies. The Zurich-based start-up echonovum supports companies free of charge with relevant employee surveys. The findings from these surveys enable coordinated action between managers and employees.

A large number of employees and supervisors currently work from home. However, this is by no means accurate for all of them. Employees of production plants, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, post offices, logistics companies and, last but not least, health personnel are required to continue working while observing special protective measures. Especially in crisis, staff management is a particular challenge. How well managers succeed in communicating and implementing measures and how employees perceive these are the central issues to be addressed in this context.

For employees working from home, questions arise, such as: Do they have the necessary infrastructure to continue working as usual? Is the exchange with the team or interdisciplinary teams guaranteed? Is childcare guaranteed or do parents navigate between work and childcare?

By systematically feeling the pulse of the employees, organizations can provide targeted support and thus have a motivating effect even in these extraordinary times.

"Managers currently find it difficult to be close to their employees. We would, therefore, like to give companies rapid access to knowledge that affects employees. We take on the task of setting up and implementing employee surveys free of charge and hope to make a contribution to employee stabilization", explains Robert Massarelli, CEO of echonovum.

Interested companies have access to a survey, prepared specifically for the Corona situation, which they can send out immediately and anonymously to their employees. On request, echonovum will adapt the surveys to company-specific cases. Echonovum then provides managers with the survey results in the form of a well-prepared management summary. In this way, companies gain a quick insight into relevant aspects that are now of concern to the employees.


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