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Want to know what your customers think of you at all times, or whenever customer expectations are not being met? Only companies that know their customers and show long-term commitment to them will be able to create long-term success for the company and the brand.

The CUSTOMER INSIGHTS solution maps out your customer life cycle and asks the right questions at the right time. Our software visualizes the insights gained in real-time on your personal dashboard: enabling you to identify potential across the entire customer life cycle.

Tap into the insights to continuously develop your customer relations, so that your company can offer the right solutions to future customer requirements and become more competitive.


Customer Insights Dashboard

The dashboard is your management tool: it lets you see the relevant figures at a glance. The insights enable you to respond to trends immediately and take the appropriate steps to ensure agile, customer-oriented corporate development.

Customer Pathway Dashboard

The Customer Pathway Dashboard gives you a quick insight into what your customers are thinking and feeling at all the relevant touchpoints within the customer relationship. Learn from these interactions and improve them continuously and dynamically.

Customer Pathway Model

The Customer Pathway maps relevant customer contact points, known as “moments of truth”, throughout the customer life cycle. Our tried-and-tested model marks the central points of contact at which interaction between a customer and your company takes place. Questions that are tailored to these interactions will provide you with insights along the entire customer lifecycle.


Get the insights you need with context-appropriate and profile-related questions. Our intelligent survey process takes into account the context and the participant’s interaction with your company (transactional feedback). A person only receives a questionnaire when they have experienced a “moment of truth”. Additional profile information helps to further segment the surveys.

Smart Survey

Make the most of machine learning! Our intelligent software learns from participants’ preferences and behavior. A/B tests are used, while abort and response rates, response and reaction times, etc. are analyzed. Based on this data, each participant’s questionnaire is automatically optimized.


  • Individual leader dashboards
  • High-quality and relevant insights for developing customer satisfaction
  • Predictive analytics with machine learning
  • Real-time data analysis for immediate insights
  • Tried-and-tested Customer Pathway Model and Measurement Model that can be flexibly adapted to a range of industries
  • High response rates as the surveys are contextual and distributed based on profiles
  • Visually attractive and responsive survey design
  • Intuitive handling of the entire platform environment for creating surveys and statistics
  • Quickly share insights and surveys
  • Extremely easy to integrate thanks to open API
  • GDPR-compliant data collection and management

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