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In three steps to
better on-site processes

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Excellent on-site services are essential drivers for good customer relationships. They promote high customer satisfaction and, thus, loyalty. Would you like to learn how to quickly and easily optimize your on-site service processes?

Service technician: Three hours late

Let’s take John as an example; He is a service technician of a well-known household appliance manufacturer. We will show you how customer feedback helps to improve on-site service processes.

John is called to repair a ceramic hob. He arrives three hours late at the destination due to another emergency that he prioritized.

Mr. Meier at the destination is upset because he should have gone to work two hours ago. John quickly takes care of the hob. It only takes a short time before he identifies the problem and suggests a solution to Mr. Meier. Mr. Meier agrees with it.

Scanning QR-Code auf einem Serviceprotokoll

1. Obtain feedback

After the repair, John hands over the service report to Mr. Meier and invites him to send his feedback to the company via QR code on the report. He then says goodbye and leaves.

Mr. Meier promptly holds his smartphone camera on the QR code and is directed to a short survey. He expresses his anger by giving a bad rating concerning punctuality and his overall satisfaction. He writes: «I waited three hours and lost valuable time, which I now have to make up for in the evening. Never again!“.

Frau am Laptop, Meldung über schlechtes Feedback

2. Respond immediately

The manager receives a real-time notification of the negative feedback from Mr. Meier. He first contacts John and asks what has happened. John explains the situation.

The manager immediately calls Mr. Meier, apologizes, and declares that the service technician had an emergency, which is why he was unfortunately very late. Mr. Meier understands and calms down a bit. Nevertheless, he wishes that the specified times are observed.

3. Optimize quickly and double customer satisfaction

The manager analyzes how this delay could have occurred and optimizes the process of emergency reports. He takes measures to prevent such massive delays from occurring in the future.

Since this optimization is in place in the on-site services, customer satisfaction has doubled regarding the punctuality of the service technicians.

Frau am Laptop, Meldung über schlechtes Feedback

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