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Customer centricity at on-site services

With feedback to excellent on-site services such as repairs, maintenance or servicing: We show you how to get more out of your services.

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From buyer to subscriber

Customer expectations have increased with the advancement of new technology-driven services and products and are changing rapidly. The great experiences consumers have with the latest offers have altered the customer's mindset: Needs shall be served almost immediately, in high quality and without effort. This development affects all industries, both B2C and B2B.

Organizations with additional services around physical products deepen their customer relationships. Buyers of investment-intensive products become subscribers to services such as repairs and maintenance works: Service technicians are available 24/7 for product defects and troubleshooting. They usually show up quickly on-site to repair the defect or take the necessary steps.

Services and thus, good customer relationships are at the heart of service-dependent companies. Subscription customers secure vital revenue around long-lasting products and strengthen the competitiveness of companies in a global market.

Crucial touchpoint: On-site, at the customer

In this environment, direct contact between the service technician and the end consumer is of significant importance. The one-to-one interaction between a service technician and a customer results in an excellent, good or negative customer experience.

Consumers not only expect remarkable experiences with the physical product itself but also during the entire period of use. This includes the fastest possible solution to any interruptions or problems as well as an excellent personal, people-oriented communication.

The pace at which customer needs are changing today is also reflected in the expectations of consumers regarding quick problem solving and outstanding execution for repairs, maintenance, and services. Customers expect an immediate, simple solution to their problems. Preferably on the same day, not the day after. When customer expectations are exceeded, the company can, in return, expect loyal customers who recommend it .

The on-site touchpoint is highly relevant in terms of customer loyalty. Failure to meet expectations results in a devastating effect on customer satisfaction. There is a risk of subscription cancellations and, thus, loss of sales.

Use customer feedback!

To meet the increased expectations in the service area, managers need in-depth insights into customer expectations and needs at the touchpoint on-site:

How satisfied are the customers with the services provided? Was the work area left clean in the event of repair work? Was the service technician on time, friendly, and reliable? Did the flow of information and communication meet customer expectations right from the start?

With a systematic, continuous survey of customer opinions and perceptions at the touchpoint on-site, managers know in real-time the areas where customer expectations were not met. Obtaining customer feedback immediately after the completion of a repair or maintenance job, or as soon as possible, is essential because the memory of the experience is still fresh. To do this, companies use Insights solutions that enable transactional surveys, both online and offline.

Use insights to increase customer loyalty!

The real-time insights from the feedback enable managers to react immediately to undesirable trends. They can adjust specific procedures that have led to dissatisfaction, improve communication, specifically train service technicians, or even offer new services.

  • Doubling customer satisfaction and thus increasing customer loyalty
  • Free promotion due to recommendations
  • Reduction of the churn rate
  • Improving processes and thus reducing cost-to-serve
  • Increasing customer centricity among service technicians

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