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Focus on customer feedback at Chicorée

How and why Chicorée uses real-time feedback: a short case study.

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Companies that understand their customers increase their competitiveness. Chicorée, a successful Swiss fashion company, relies on continual feedback from its customers to deepen customer relationships. How and why Chicorée uses real-time feedback: a short case study.

About Chicoree

Chicorée is one of the leading companies in the Swiss young fashion market. It has more than 164 stores in all areas of the country and its expansion is continuing. Chicorée is expanding where other fashion houses are closing. What makes Chicorée different from the rest? It consistently focuses on its customers and its product range.

Up close and personal

Chicorée is friendly, approachable, and tangible to its customers. It uses its app, Instagram, Facebook, email and WhatsApp to announce upcoming promotions and products. The company has a very strong community and members are happy to share their experiences, and their opinions and perceptions about their experiences of Chicorée.

Insight into customer needs

Chicorée also seeks real-time insight into customer needs and the shopping experiences in its branches. The aim is for data-supported recognition of the potential for increased success in the branches, customer service or product range to contribute to the best possible management of the product range and the branches.

The company would like to be able to share the findings with the branch managers so that they can quickly improve the customer experience as independently as possible.


Chicorée needs a powerful and intuitive feedback platform that can be easily integrated into existing systems. It wants to make the insights from the feedback internally accessible to recipients. Customer surveying should take place continually in the branches, at the point of sale. Participating in the surveys should be fun and ensure the highest possible response rates.


Chicorée is implementing this long-term project with echonovum, a young company from Zurich, which meets the requirements with its Insights platform. The implementation from project launch to analysis of the initial feedback took only a few days.

A QR code on every purchase receipt asks customers to take part in a survey after making a purchase. To participate, you hold your smartphone camera over the QR code to access the online survey. Sometimes Chicorée incentivizes the surveys with a coupon or competition.

woman answers questionnaire via smartphone

All feedback is fed into the ECHONOVUM INSIGHTS PLATFORM and evaluated in real time. Branch managers have access to a dashboard with the key figures that are relevant for their branch.

Figures from Chicorée

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Overall shopping experience
  • Collections
  • Customer service
  • Recommendations

We use the opportunities provided by continual customer surveying to increase customer retention and competitiveness. The managers receive real-time insights into customer needs so that the branches can be more closely aligned with these.

Pascal Weber
Head of Marketing at Chicorée


Chicorée customers happily give feedback on their shopping experiences and do so frequently. Due to the high response rate and the data provided, Chicorée recognizes trends very early on. Where necessary, it can push optimizations in a targeted manner and in collaboration with the relevant branch managers.

500 Feedbacks per month, 2 Min average participation duration

Chicorée now has transparent data that it shares with its management teams. The branch managers know how they can further develop their stores. At Chicorée, the findings and resulting measures are now based on validated customer needs.

We look forward to supporting Chicorée as a solution provider in its customer-focused thinking. The high response rate and valuable feedback are providing the company with a very good dataset in order to make even faster, customer-focused and data-supported decisions.

Robert Massarelli
CEO echonovum AG

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